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Construction Security in London

Construction sites can be incredibly vulnerable to all manner of security risks if not properly protected, including theft, criminal damage and risks to your staff. Effective construction security is absolutely essential in minimising and eliminating these risks, and here at OGS Group we’re able to provide a specialist service for sites throughout London and Oxford and the surrounding area.

Incorporating a combination of all of our services, we can tailor a construction security contract to suit your site’s needs – whether you simply want an on-site presence out of working hours, or require a comprehensive setup including manned guarding and monitored security. Our number one goal is the integrity of your site and the safety of everything within, from your valued staff through to expensive equipment.

Secure Your Construction Site in Oxford

We know that professionalism is of the utmost importance when it comes to any security service, and construction security is absolutely no different. We only employ SIA licensed security professionals to deal with our construction industry contracts, which helps ensure that your site is safe at all times and that a professional image is maintained alongside our presence. We can provide everything from a simple presence through to more comprehensive systems, and even advise on implementing improvements in your existing security procedures to help create a more secure environment.

If your construction site is particularly at risk, or is in an area of London or Oxford which could lead to security issues, then contact our professional team today on 01865 749461. We’ll happily organise a bespoke security contract designed with your construction site in mind, helping to protect your project right through to its completion.