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The Benefits of Having Personal Protection

At Oxguard Security, we don’t believe that private security should simply be the reserve of the most high profile celebrities and stars, and with this in mind, we offer a comprehensive personal protection service throughout Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas. The safety of your family will be of paramount importance to you, but what are the benefits of private protection over regular domestic security measures?

Protecting Your Family and Property

When you implement a traditional alarm system throughout your home, you are protecting your property from an intruder – but not the occupants. When you employ the services of bodyguards, you can sleep soundly know that you and your family and totally protected against criminals.

When someone breaks into a home that is protected by alarm systems, a security firm, or the police, are immediately called – with personal protection, they are already there.

Trained Drivers

Here at Oxguard Security, we understand that it is important for high-profile and wealthy individuals to be protected at all times – including on the road. We can provide professional and experienced drivers who are trained specifically to keep you safe while out in your car.

Female Security Staff Available

If for any reason you would prefer female bodyguards for your personal or property protection, we can provide them. As with all of our other security staff, our female bodyguards are SIA licenced and fully trained to deal with any situation.

So if you want to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having personal protection wherever you go, from the office to a meal out at a restaurant, make sure you employ the services of an experienced security firm. To find out more about our private security services, get in touch with our team by phone or e-mail, or alternatively you can receive a free, no obligation online quote by completing our contact form.