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Commercially Concerned: Your Guide to OGS Commercial Services

As with your home, it’s essential that you have the right security for your business at all times. This could involve anything from protecting your property from unwanted visitors to making sure that threatening behaviour, whether it’s from fellow employees or visitors is dealt with in a correct and prompt manner. Safety is always key, and we make it our business to make sure your security worries are dealt with, ensuring safety on your site at all times.

Our client-focused work ethic ensures we working closely with you, meaning not only can we can promise that all the guards and officers provided have a strong knowledge.

Our two central commercial services are ‘Manned Guards’ and ‘Keyholding’.

Manned Guards – With this service we aim to provide businesses with a location-suited, hand-picked guard, who has come from a very rigorous selection process and will have worked previously as either an armed guard or prison officer. Having a real human presence at your property will deter any unauthorised persons considering gaining unlawful entry into your premises, and if they attempt to do so anyway, the situation will be dealt with accordingly. And because the guards control entry to your premises, they can guarantee that your business and the valuables / goods inside will be free from unwanted attention.

Keyholding - As specialists in all varieties of security, we also have a high level of expertise in the area of keyholding, and offer a fully insure service. We ensure all keys and codes are signed for and sealed in a one of a kind key security wallet and the seal on this will only be broken should they be called to attend an incident at your premises. Response security staff are ready to respond immediately to any incident at your property 24/7.

Don’t wait until something happens to your business premises before you contact a qualified and experienced security agency for advice and guidance. Give us at the OGS group a call today and get peace of mind as you lock up tonight knowing that tomorrow it’ll be business as usual for them and you!