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How to Hold a Great Evening or Night time Event

Here at the OGS group, we’re always just as busy over Christmas as any other time of the year. Security is a round-the-clock necessity and we appreciate how important it is that your livelihood, residence or events are properly protected. That in mind then, we thought we’d deliver you some top tips on throwing an evening event in the New Year! Whether it’s a gig or a performance, a poetry reading or a barn dance, here’s how to set it all up, check all the important factors off the list and have a great time to boot!

The Plan Factor

Planning is integral in any situation and throwing an event is no exception! Think about what night is best to hold your event. Consider the town, is there a University nearby, will you be catering for older folk? Friday nights are generally the best for events no matter what kind they are, but doing your research here will pay off heavily! Procure all the necessary equipment well in advance and decide whether you’ll need to stock the bar with booze, beverages or food!


Managing the Security

Whilst your venue may have its own security during the day, this is worth investigating so you know all the ins and outs. The last thing you’d need is to be left with no manned guards on your big night. Find out who is there, and decide whether you’d rather someone independent and trustworthy take over the job. Put a drinking policy in place, and outline any issues to the guards you’ve hired. We make sure our staff are all experienced with whatever restrictions you wish to apply, are diligent and professional, but also provide a friendly face and a helping hand to make your visitors feel safe and secure!



Of course, making sure people know about it is as integral a component as any, and nowadays, you want to make sure you’re well connected with popular social media outlets. Whilst doing in-house and physical advertising is always a positive as well, if you can great a buzz about your event online, you’ll ensure a fervent crowd attends. Hand out flyers with a Facebook address printed on them to combine the two methods and double the chance of a supremely successful night!


Remember – for all your security needs and security guards throughout London and Oxfordshire, you’ve already found the perfect solution, so pick up the phone to us and tick that one off the list now!