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Keep Kids Safe with School Security

Every parent knows that however old your children are and wherever they are in the world you never stop worrying about them, a parent’s life is devoted to keeping their child safe and happy. So whether they are at school or have flown the nest and are travelling the world you will still want to know they are safe. Here at Oxguard Security we can ensure your children are safe at school with the excellent school security services that we provide.

Growing anxiety in parents over the rise in acts of violence and bullying in schools and the fear of kidnapping after children like Holly and Jessica and Madeleine McCann went missing, many schools have stepped up security in school to ensure the safety of children while they are in the care of teachers.

At Oxguard Security we are highly experienced in providing reliable security services in school as well as hospitals, bars and festivals. We have a highly competent team of security guards who all hold SIA (Security Industry Authority) licenses and are all extremely experienced and able to deal with any situation they are confronted with so parents can relax knowing their children are in safe hands.

With the ever present threat of burglary we also provide office security services so not only are the children and teachers safe, but so are all the confidential property that is held in the school. Our security officers can be hired to watch over whole premises 24 hours a day seven days a week so you can be sure every aspect of your school is safe.

Here at Oxguard security we strive to be one of the best security companies around and are dedicated to providing top quality security services to every single client. If you would like any more information on any of our services then get in touch with us today. To go to our contact details and to request an online quote click here.