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The OGS group and Oxford: Safety and Security County-wide

The city of Oxford is widely regarded as a safe place to live and run a business; its tranquil rural areas are of set by a thriving inner city.  However as we all know, in this day and age security cannot be taken for granted as problems can arise no matter where you are, from the biggest city to the sticks, staying safe is ubiquitously important. For this reason, enlisting the help of our security guards can resolve all your worries in one go! Our team carry a formidable presence that will ensure that your premises are kept safe.

All being specially selected, thoroughly trained, vetted and insured, you can be certain that your chosen security guard solution will provide the safety and security you are aiming to acquire for your property, delivering both a visible and present deterrence, and also a means of taking care of matters first hand. The services offered by us here at Oxguard Security fall into 2 categories, two specific packages that may be altered and tailored to your particular needs or to suit the type of premises you wish to protect. The chief elements of these packages are as follows:

Manned Guards

For properties such as a high-end jewellers perhaps, or a warehouse filled with valuables that are waiting to be distributed, an around the clock presence is essential to keep everything safe and maintain continued smooth-running. Whilst cameras and alarm systems are often suitable, in some situations the lack of a human precense is simply too inviting for thieves. The majority of our guards have previously worked for the authorities as armed guards or prison officers, and as such they have many years of experience adhering to the highest of standards, standards that are maintained here at the OGS group .

Door Staff

Aside from a constant presence to ward off unlawful entry, some properties such as nightclubs, restaurants or hotels will require the help of a security guard to ensure the safe running of an event. All door staff go through further training, are well-presented and know the weight and importance being a representative of your company carries; they will uphold your stellar company ethos in all situations..

For all security guard services in Oxford for the comprehensive protection of your property and everything inside, give us at OGS security today a call today!