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Safety First for Christmas and New Year Events!

It’s Christmas time already, and very shortly after it will be New Year; so what’s involved in your end of year schedule? With the festive spirit in full flow, everybody is planning something, whether it’s a Christmas party for the office, or a New Year family gathering, a theatrical performance or a live music show, with time off work and families coming together, now is a brilliant time to unleash your events on the world, and enjoy the roaring footfall of those out to see some winter entertainment.



2013: A Very Good Year for Security

From Olympics, to presidential elections, from predictions of the Mayan apocalypse, to the successful landing of NASA’s Curiosity on Mars; 2012 has had it all, and as we wrap up another year, it’s time to start thinking about what 2013 will hold in store for us all. Will you make a new year’s resolution? Will you get that promotion this year? Will you start anew on an entrepreneurial road to financial stability?



The 02 Arena to be Safeguarded for The Stones

The date draws ever-near for fans all over the UK, as legendary rock band of unfathomable status prepare to tour once again. With rumours of the shows doing the rounds for many years before hand, it was with great excitement and prestige that the band announced their London and New Jersey gigs in celebration of the Stones’ 50th Anniversary.



How To Get Your VIP Party Secured


The Christmas season is only round the corner and the festive partying is set to commence. No doubt the planning of the office party is about to take place but make this the one to remember. If you follow these VIP party planning tips the only headache you’ll have this year is the one from all the champagne.

• Invitations- Make your own invites. Add lots of glitter and Christmas cheer to get everyone in the festive spirit. Make sure you include your name/company name, the date of the party, location, time and how to RSVP and when by. Add any other information you may find useful- Add any personal touches you find relevant (dress code) be as creative and festive as you like.

• Guest list- Make a guest list of everyone you have invited so that they can be checked off and greeted on arrival, your guests will feel like movie stars before you know it.

• Quality venue- If you’re on a budget why not make your own decorations to brighten the venue up just by adding a Christmas tree, fairy lights and some tinsel, you will guarantee a sparkling night and of course not forgetting the mistletoe.

• Personalised memento’s- Make you guests feel very special by giving everyone a personal memento or goodie bag to ensure they remember Christmas 2012. Why not give them a little Christmas tree decoration or a few chocolates in a little gift box?

• Door Staff- No VIP party is complete without door staff. If you want to make your guests feel sophisticated. Oxguard Security  have the best trained staff who will act with the upmost professionalism to add class and sophistication to any party.

Here at OGS Group we are committed to providing you with the best of the best when it comes to security in London. With our highly trained staff your party will be in the best hands. If you feel you need security at your party then ring us on: 020 7127 6937 or you can fill out our online query form here.



Keep Unwanted People Away from your Party

Planning a party can be a hugely stressful event; with the guest list to organise, the catering to sort out and having to decide on the best entertainment, you may feel a little overwhelmed at times. One thing that should certainly be at the top of your list of priorities to ensure gets organised is door staff, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s your work annual Christmas party or a surprise birthday bash for a close friend, it’s imperative you control who is in attendance (especially if you’ve spent a fortune hiring a quality venue). Here at OGS Group we have a range of security solutions and will work with you to ensure you get a solution that meets your exact needs perfectly.

Why Choose OGS Group?

One simple answer really; we understand what is needed in professional and top quality door staff, and strive to only provide you with the very best. Using our expertise and wealth of experience, we train our team to the highest standards possible, so you can be confident of only receiving the very best door staff around when coming to us!

- Our door staff have excellent communication skills, which is something we believe is vital for any party as they are at the forefront of the event so need to maintain these standards.

- Everyone that passes through our doors are trained and come out the other side licensed! They also undergo a variety of extensive further training for any potential dangerous or hazardous situations that could occur in the industry.

- You have complete re-assurance as whilst in attendance at your event, one of our highly skilled supervisors may also attend, and they will be there to oversee our door staff and ensure that not only are we maintaining our high standards, but that any particular requirements set out by yourself or the venue are also being met.

If you think door staff are right for your party or event, get in touch with us today on 0800 917 7165.


The Importance of Having Security Services

The need for security services rises each and every year, with images always flooding the news such as last years riots, the ensuing looting and stories of burglaries being released every single week, and as we approach the tail end of the year, the importance of security is set to spike once again, as the Christmas and New Year rush also brings with it opportunistic thieves looking to take advantage of the heightened spending and stock in shops and warehouses alike. It is for this reason that you’re probably here reading this, and we at Oxguard Security Group are here to tell you why the services we offer can prove to be so important to your business.

If you’re a Business – You’re a Target

No matter what your line of work is – be it based completely in an office, an industrial unit, inside a shopping centre or across building sites throughout the local area, then you will be a target for thieves, as they will feel there will be something for them anywhere. This could be the computers inside your office, precious data, steel supplies inside an industrial unit or building site and most obviously the valuable products inside a shop. Whatever your line of work, here at Oxguard Security we have the solution, coming in the form of manned guards for the most formidable touch and the ability to implement to latest security systems such as CCTV, access control and burglar alarms, in addition to key holding.

Thieves don’t just require Security

Security services aren’t just important and suited to the prevention of burglaries and items being stolen from your business, but also to ensure the safety at an event. Be it through our fully trained and qualified door staff at a nightclub every single week, or to provide crowd control at a festival to ensure that nothing gets out of hand.

Put simply: without security services, you are leaving yourself open to risk, so contact us today to find out more.


Why Should You Have Security For Your Offices?

You’ve worked incredibly hard for years to build your business up, rent offices and equip it with the latest computers for your hard working employees to make your company the success you always knew it could be. Unfortunately, all your success will attract unwanted criminal attention and a burglary can cripple small and large businesses alike; therefore, to protect your company it’s essential that you invest in security for your offices. At OGS Group Security Services, office security is our area of expertise and we provide excellent security services to keep your business safe throughout the day and the night.

If your offices house very expensive technology or a wealth of confidential data then our manned guard service offers the best possible security to protect your offices day and night. Our highly trained, experienced, vetted and insured guards are chosen through a rigorous selection process and are all SIA licensed. We train our staff to deal with the public effectively and professionally as we understand that the way in which our guards act is a direct reflection of your business. Our team will guard your property and ensure that no unauthorised person can gain entry to your offices. As well as this, the physical presence of a guard at your property will deter any criminals from even attempting to break in.

Here at OGS Group Security Services, we are committed to providing you with the best in security services and thanks to our years of experience, we will deliver time and time again. If you’re looking to protect your offices against criminal activity in the area then we should be your first port of call.

If you would like to know more about our office security or about our events management and door staff services then feel free to contact us with any questions you may have; if you’d like additional information, don’t hesitate to browse our website today.


Keep Kids Safe with School Security

Every parent knows that however old your children are and wherever they are in the world you never stop worrying about them, a parent’s life is devoted to keeping their child safe and happy. So whether they are at school or have flown the nest and are travelling the world you will still want to know they are safe. Here at Oxguard Security we can ensure your children are safe at school with the excellent school security services that we provide.



The Benefits of Having Personal Protection

At Oxguard Security, we don’t believe that private security should simply be the reserve of the most high profile celebrities and stars, and with this in mind, we offer a comprehensive personal protection service throughout Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas. The safety of your family will be of paramount importance to you, but what are the benefits of private protection over regular domestic security measures?

Protecting Your Family and Property

When you implement a traditional alarm system throughout your home, you are protecting your property from an intruder – but not the occupants. When you employ the services of bodyguards, you can sleep soundly know that you and your family and totally protected against criminals.

When someone breaks into a home that is protected by alarm systems, a security firm, or the police, are immediately called – with personal protection, they are already there.

Trained Drivers

Here at Oxguard Security, we understand that it is important for high-profile and wealthy individuals to be protected at all times – including on the road. We can provide professional and experienced drivers who are trained specifically to keep you safe while out in your car.

Female Security Staff Available

If for any reason you would prefer female bodyguards for your personal or property protection, we can provide them. As with all of our other security staff, our female bodyguards are SIA licenced and fully trained to deal with any situation.

So if you want to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having personal protection wherever you go, from the office to a meal out at a restaurant, make sure you employ the services of an experienced security firm. To find out more about our private security services, get in touch with our team by phone or e-mail, or alternatively you can receive a free, no obligation online quote by completing our contact form.


Top Tips for Surveillance in London

Often, London is the best place for your business to be. The vibrant bustling nature of a city that simply doesn’t stop can be the perfect place to get the community excited about your product, and importantly, get it out the door. With so many advantages to working in the effervescently excitable district of the Capital, it’s easy to forget the draw backs as, with a city that doesn’t stop, comes criminal activity that doesn’t struggle to keep up. To protect and secure your business, the best solution is to implement surveillance in London, to deter, defend and safeguard your property with a real-world presence. Oxguard Security have just the service.

Whilst alarm, CCTV and monitoring solutions have been known to be effective, nothing works quite as well as a manned surveillance operation on your grounds. Having a real life, personal deterrent more than equipped to stop any would-be intruder is something a camera can never replicate and here at Oxguard, we have a host of security personnel able to secure any area or property you require.

With years of experience, our team are fully versed in ensuring the safeguarding of any commercial property, with warehouses, factories and gatehouse buildings, as well as shopping centres, large scale events and retail outlets a regular occurrence for our security professionals. Our expertise and presence in the local area has helped us to build a reputation to become one of the most revered security specialists about, with multi-million pound on-going contracts, right down to single one-off requirements, we can deliver results in any situation.

Dedicated to delivering the precise service you require, we offer an unparalleled sense of peace of mind, as when you employ our skilled services, you can rest assured we’ll be there for you for any upsets in regards to your security, from an emergency incident on your premises, right down to a simple loss of keys. We’re present on your grounds, or on quick-response call out 24/7.

With all these great features, the best tips for surveillance in London lie with us here at Oxguard Security. We are experts in the area, and at delivering you a comprehensive security package, so call today or click through to the website for a quote on your exact requirements!

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