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Profit Protection and Security for your Business

London is a bustling hive of activity; a thriving metropolitan zone and of the busiest places in the world. It really is a city that doesn’t sleep and whilst the parties and the nightlife keep the sprawling urban fold-out pulsating with commotion on the surface, the businesses still whirr away underneath. By the time dawn comes, the world of commerce takes over and the trains and tubes are flooded with busy people, going to busy places to be busy. With all this going on, you might be forgiven for forgetting about security altogether; but that is something you should never do! In times like these, the best security should be a priority for your business!

In 2008, the British Chamber of Commerce conducted a survey which returned one such significant factoid; 44% of respondents didn’t currently have and had never previously sought crime reduction advice. This is astonishing as of course, crime has a huge impact on business and makes for the majority case when it comes to shrinkage and loss. In the BCC’s report, they referred to it as ‘Profit Protection’, though really it is much more than that.

A break in or theft at your place of work could cost you a crippling amount; damages to the property, repair and replacing stolen product, insurance hikes and all the rest.  In these tough times, one significant break-in could spell the end for many businesses, and it’s largely a risk that need not be taken! Why? Because of us here at the  OGS group.

Security is utterly essential, and the best type of security must be installed to ensure you don’t need to deal with the potentially devastating aftermath of a robbery. There are many options for security these days, but few manage a more comprehensive job than our manned guards, who provide not only the most effective deterrent, but one of the most responsive solutions should an incident occur.

Our guards have many years of experience and are ready to make your business the safe haven it needs to be to allow you to do what you do best! Give us OGS group a call today to find out more!