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Safety First for Christmas and New Year Events!

It’s Christmas time already, and very shortly after it will be New Year; so what’s involved in your end of year schedule? With the festive spirit in full flow, everybody is planning something, whether it’s a Christmas party for the office, or a New Year family gathering, a theatrical performance or a live music show, with time off work and families coming together, now is a brilliant time to unleash your events on the world, and enjoy the roaring footfall of those out to see some winter entertainment.

Of course, whether you’ve decided to hire out the local leisure centre for a gig featuring local music, or are putting on something much bigger, getting the security right will ensure your event happens smoothly, and everybody has a great time. Whether it’s an alcohol limit, or you’re merely in need of the presence of authority, our trained staff can provide, ensuring the stars of the show remain that way.

It’s easy to get carried away this time of year, what with the stresses of Christmas, and the constant consumption of alcohol and, even more so, it can be difficult to control everything from an overseers perspective. You need to concentrate on running the show, not ensuring that keen security is maintained – that is what we’re for.

We can remove that aspect from your schedule, freeing you up to do your job, and allowing your focus to be on the entertainment. Having one less thing to think about in these situations is always beneficial, certainly when that one less thing involves managing and paying careful attention to others.

Our event staff are professional, experienced and available to provide you with a comprehensive service, with a friendly demeanour and an authoritative attitude that is scalable; they won’t go in heavy handed in a manner that scares customers or event-goers away, but they will certainly maintain tight security, ensuring they meet all your requirements.

Whatever you’re doing to celebrate 2012, do it safely with OGS Group’s Oxfordshire security guards!