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The 02 Arena to be Safeguarded for The Stones

The date draws ever-near for fans all over the UK, as legendary rock band of unfathomable status prepare to tour once again. With rumours of the shows doing the rounds for many years before hand, it was with great excitement and prestige that the band announced their London and New Jersey gigs in celebration of the Stones’ 50th Anniversary.

Of course, such an esteemed band need an esteemed venue to house this truly massive gig, and when it comes to the biggest and the best,  there can simply be no other than the 02 Arena. With pre-sale tickets stretching up to £406, and some later available seats reaching astonishing figures at the box office, this is undoubtedly the show of the high rollers.

With fans promised an elaborate stage based on the iconic tongue logo, and plenty more cavalcade besides, this may well be the show of the century, for all those even slightly partial to The Rolling Stones array of classic melodies.

The 02 Arena itself is a mesmerising feat of engineering, housing an epitomous 20,000 fans; it is markedly one of the largest capacity arenas in the UK and in Europe. It is the world’s busiest music arena and has played host to an uncountable assortment of artists, sportsmen, comedians and more since its 2007 beginnings.

Whilst the arena itself uses the latest in security technology, it stands as a testament to the incomparable work of actual guards that it employs a huge team of security staff to ensure safety and peace of mind for those visiting throughout. The guards must work tightly together, as a well-oiled unit to provide effective coverage of the sprawling venue; with both uniformed and plain-clothes officials acting with the utmost professionalism to ensure a constant state of vigilance.

Whilst we’re quite sure you’re not throwing an arena-sized party for The Rolling Stones, whatever you’re up to this Christmas, from parties, to gigs, commercial gatherings to property usage, we at Oxguard have the knowledge, expertise and a range of security guard services to protect it from screaming fans, or from thieves and criminals that operate this time of year in Oxfordshire.